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Who we are and what we do?
Since 14th June 2003 the www.iranian.be is a not for profit & non commercial online community in Belgium publishing news and practical daily life information related to Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg / Iran in Persian language.

All the members must respect both International and national (Belgian) laws, however we are not responsible for the community members' generated comments or contents, we have a commitment to cooperate to Belgian authorities for any unlawful activity on our online community / website. If you find an abusive item on our community, you can report it to us, we will respond you shortly.

Our website gives an idea to the Persian (Farsi) speakers around the world about life in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg in coordination with the other Iranian organizations in exile and by the help of some local organizations, NGOs; in brief, we inform the world about Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg in Persian.

In this way, the website is updating everyday with news and information related to daily life in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg from reliable resources in Persian language.
Not only we keep the Iranian informed about their compatriots in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, but also we try to have our website as a contact point between the Belgian, Dutch, Luxembourgers and the Iranian communities, organizations, journalists, travelers, students, etc.

We have an average of 10,000 visitors per day (nearly half a million per month) mostly from Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, north American countries and Iran.

Our goals
1- Providing the Iranian community social and cultural news from the Iranian / other communities in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. This is NEITHER a religious NOR a political website.
2- Providing national and international news / information for the Iranian community especially in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.
3- Supporting the Iranian immigrants to be integrated into the Belgian, Dutch or Luxembourgers' society.
4- Cultural activities to support Human Rights and the equal rights for the Iranian women and men.
5- Representing the Iranian culture for the Iranian generation was not born in Iran, the Belgian, Dutch or Luxembourgers and also the other people who are interested to know more about other cultures.

This website is the winner of Fondation Roi Baudouin 2003 Award for the good and innovative communication method and informing the Iranian immigrants in Belgium and help them in field of social integration.

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Founder & Editor-in-Chief: H.Aghvami (Azad)

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سال گذشته در بلژیک ۶۱۸پناهجوی زیر ۱۸سال در بلژیک ناپدید شده اند. بیشتر این پناهجویان بطور موقت در کمپهای پناهندگی کشور زندگی میکنند و سپس به دیگر کشورها میروند هرچند امکان سوءاستفاده از آنها هم میرود.
2018-04-23 14:20

سندیکای مستاجرهای بلژیک از افزایش تقلب و کلاهبرداری در زمینه اجاره خانه در ۱۰ سال گذشته خبر میدهد. کلاهبرداران با روشهای گوناگون از عکسهای تقلبی گرفته تا قرارداد دروغین مستاجران را قربانی خود می کنند.
2018-04-23 09:54

کم بودن درآمد بازنشستگی در بلژیک: در ۵سال گذشته شمار کسانی که پس از ۶۵سالگی و بازنشستگی به شغل آزاد خود ادامه میدهند ۳۳.۵% افزایش داشته است. حقوق بازنشستگی مشاغل آزاد ۸۶۰ و کارمندان ۱۲۰۰ یورو می باشد.
2018-04-22 17:10

روز گذشته جو کوپنز دروازه بان ۲۷ ساله بلژیکی در بازی های باشگاهی آلمان از فاصله ۸۰ متری و با شوتی محکم دروازه تیم مقابل را باز کرد و نتیجه بازی مساوی نمود. این گل ممکن است گل سال در آلمان بشود. #fccarlzeissjena_ #Coppens
2018-04-22 13:50